Yiming Hu

New Work

  1. "The Painted Veil", Guilin, Guangxi Province, China

    《江山如画》 ,广西桂林

  2. "Symphony in the Stars", New Mexico, USA

    《午夜星空》 ,美国新墨西哥州沙漠

  3. "The Power of Ocean", Oregon, USA


  4. "A White Autumn", Patagonian, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.

    《雪中秋色》, 巴塔哥尼亚,阿根廷冰川国家公园

  5. "Last Glory", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The iconic view of the Zion Valley during sunset.

  6. "Olympic Flame", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA.

    《奥林匹克的辉煌》, 美国华盛顿州奥林匹克国家公园海岸上空辉煌的晚霞

  7. "Sunset Worshipers", Glen Canyon National Recreation Area , Utah, USA.

    《众神的日落》, 美国犹他州格兰峡谷国家旅游区

  8. "Golden Lines", Death Valley National Park, California, USA.


  9. "The Burning Ice Lake", Lake Torre, Patagonian, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.


  10. "Flaming Blue", Canadian Rockies, Canada.


  11. "Desert Dusk", New Mexico, USA.


  12. "The Calm After the Winter Storm", Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada.

    《暴风雪后的宁静》, 加拿大班芙国家公园路易斯湖

  13. "Patagonia Sky", Patagonian, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.


  14. "Ring of Fire", Arizona, USA
    A spectacular sunset over the iconic and dramatic Horseshoe Bend. The Colorado River takes an almost 360-degree turn here.

  15. "Desert Morning", California, USA

  16. "Life Lines", Canadian Rockies, Canada
    远山上被大火烧焦的树干,在皑皑白雪的衬托下,如同一幅幅水墨山水画。 这些挺拔的线条,让我想起有一年金秋我在科罗拉多

  17. "Ice Star", Canadian Rockies, Canada

  18. "Hoodoo Garden", Southwest Desert, USA

    《怪石花园》 ,美国西南沙漠

  19. "Flowing Colors", Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA

    《流光溢彩》 ,美国犹他州羚羊谷

  20. "Wintry Mist I", Banff National Park, Canada

    《冬湖晨雾》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  21. "Under a Flaming Sky", Zion National Park, Utah, USA

    《燃烧的秋色》 ,美国犹他州锡安国家公园

  22. "Through the Keyhole", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

    《别有洞天》 ,美国华盛顿州奥林匹克国家公园

  23. "Autumn Song", Colorado, USA

    《秋歌》 ,美国科罗拉多州

  24. "Dancing Spirit", Yukon Territory, Canada
    A spectacular aurora borealis show erupted on the night sky of the Ogilvie Mountains of Yukon Territory.
    The rising moon on the horizon cast its faint golden glow across the face of the soaring jagged peak and
    the snow-covered mountains on the background.

    《精灵之舞》 ,加拿大育空山区。

  25. "Set Ice on Fire", Banff National Park, Canada

    《冰花之焰》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  26. "The Beam Dream", Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA

    《梦幻之光》 ,美国犹他州羚羊谷

  27. "Glowing Fitz Roy", Patagonian, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.

    《血红清晨》 ,巴塔哥尼亚,阿根廷冰川国家公园

  28. "Lonely Little Thing", Canadian Rockies

    《雪中独树》 ,加拿大落基山

  29. "Cold Hope", Banff National Park, Canada

    《希望之光》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  30. "Radiance", Arizona, USA
    A seldom visited slot canyon in American Southwest.


  31. "Intrigue", Arizona, USA
    A seldom visited slot canyon in American Southwest.


  32. "Autumn Rhythm", Colorado, USA

    《秋韵》 ,美国科罗拉多州

  33. "Midnight Swirl", Yukon Territory, Canada
    Mysterious auroras swirl the midnight sky of this extremely remote mountain ranges near the Arctic circle.

    Technique Notes: This is a very complicated shot consists of 16 exposures. Fourteen consecutive frames
    using ISO 6300/f2.8/30-sec were used for focus-stacking and multi-frame-average-noise-reduction to get a high-quality,
    sharp foreground image under such difficult dark conditions. The reflection was captured using ISO 12800/f2.8/8 seconds.
    The aurora itself was recorded by tilting the lens to include more sky, using ISO 12800/f2.8/1-sec. The reflections,
    foreground, and the sky were stitched together to get the final image. The aurora was moving so fast that a slower
    shutter speed would have blurred its magical shape.

    《魔界午夜》 ,加拿大育空山区。

  34. "The Spell of Rising Moon", Yukon Territory, Canada
    The moon rose after midnight over the Tombstone range. The aurora borealis show was so strong
    that it drowned in bright moonlight on the sky.

    Technique Notes: This is a very complicated shot. Seven frames using 14mm/ISO 1600/f2.8/30-sec,
    captured consecutively within a few minutes, were used for focus-stacking so the resulting image is
    tack-sharp from near to far. The aurora was relatively static on the sky so I could use a slow (30 seconds) shutter speed to capture more light.

    《月之精灵》 ,加拿大育空山区。

  35. "Floating Mountains", Yukon Territory, Canada
    I had been waiting in the freezing darkness of a cloudy night for many hours. The sky finally
    opened up and the stars returned. An amazingly bright aurora borealis light belt, which almost
    perfectly mirrored the profile of the mountains below, magically floated on the night sky, moving
    and dancing. It was a privilege to capture this incredible natural phenomena that lasted only a
    few seconds.
    Technique Notes: This is very simple and straightforward blend of two shots, one (11mm, ISO 6400, f4, 4 seconds)
    for the sky and aurora, and the other (11mm, ISO 6400, f11, 4 minutes) for the ground.

    《浮山魅影》 ,加拿大育空山区。
    这难以置信的神奇现象只持续了数秒钟, 但我永远不会忘记那一刻。

  36. "Above and Beyond", Alaska, USA
    A view so stunning that you will never forget it for the rest of your life.
    A place so remote that it probably has never been seen by anyone on the surface of this planet.
    Until now.

    《冷焰》 ,美国阿拉斯加州一个非常偏远的高山之上

    一个此星球上可能从没有任何一个人涉足过的地点。 一个让人见过后就永生难忘的美景。

  37. "Into the Clouds", Alaska, USA
    A beautiful sunset lit up a no-name peak of wild Alaska coastal mountain range.
    《远山的召唤》, 美国阿拉斯加州一个非常偏远的高山之上
    落日照亮了远山, 晚霞染红了天空。辉煌的色彩转瞬即逝,惟有奔腾的雪水长流不息。

  38. "Painting the Mountains", Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    Bright-red Indian Paintbrushes bloom near the top of the jagged and picturesque Broken Top,
    the so called “Fire Mountains of the West"
    《神笔绘山》, 美国俄勒岗州三姐妹山区。

  39. "Behind the Veil of the Forest", Oregon, USA
    A lush valley full of incredible waterfalls hidden in the renowned Columbia River Gorge.

  40. "Above the Clouds", Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA


  41. "Ocean's Fury", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
    Huge waves splash on the shore of a remote island of Olympic National Park.

  42. "Into Cold Darkness", Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    An beautiful snow cave hidden in the Three Sisters Wilderness, never discovered by anyone before. />

  43. "Summer Splash", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA
    Ocean waves exploded at the foot of a soaring sea stake at the Olympic National Park.

  44. "Northern Sunrise", Alaska, USA
    Sunrise behind the impossibly jagged peaks and glaciers of a remote Alaska area on a stormy morning.
    My friend and I had to be picked up by a helicopter a few hours later because of the approaching storm.


  45. "The Exploding Sea", Oregon, USA
    High wind and raising tide bring huge waves crushing to the shore of Oregon coast.

  46. "Frozen Curves", Oregon, USA
    Melting snow water drips from the textured ceiling of a snow cave.

  47. "Midsummer Night's Dream", Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    On this summer night, I was alone on the shore of a glacier lake near the top of the famed Broken Top mountain.
    Heat waves and the hustle and bustle of life were only a few hours away but seemed so remote.
    I was totally enveloped by the cool air and the tranquil light of the full moon.

    《仲夏夜之梦》 ,美国俄勒岗州三姐妹山区。


  48. "The Garden of Eden", Alaska, USA
    Melting water from glaciers tumbles down from the surrounding high peaks.
    Millions of dwarf fireweed flowers cover the entire banks and the floor this extremely faraway valley, surrounded
    by soaring peaks, blue glaciers, and countless waterfalls, as far as the eyes could see.

    落日的云影在溪水中飘动。 在视线所能看见的地方,是无穷无尽的鲜花,盛开在岸边, 铺满了山谷,如同传说中的幻境。

  49. "Secret Passage", Oregon, USA
    A brilliant sunset outside a hidden sea cave in Oregon coast.
    贝壳和海星在石壁上顽强地生长。 隧洞之外,火红的晚霞在天际尽情地辉煌。

  50. "Olympic Fantasy", Olympic National Park, Washington, USA


  51. "Foggy Forest", Washington, USA
    A foggy morning in the rainforest alone the pacific coast.

  52. "Frosty Moonshine", Banff National Park,Canada
    Moon shone on the frigid landscape of Canadian Rockies. On this extremely chilling night, steam from
    a nearby hot spring froze on grass leaves and shrub branches, forming beautiful hoar frost. Through
    the mist, on the horizon, the warm city light from the town of Banff glowed in the cold darkness.

  53. "Cold Mountains", Banff National Park,Canada

  54. "Pinnacles of Earth Hues", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
    《五彩石林》, 美国犹他州布莱斯峡谷国家公园

  55. "Unafraid of Cold", Banff National Park, Canada

  56. "The Wave", Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness,Arizona, USA
    The surreal sandstone rock formation makes the Wave one of the most magic locations on Earth.
    面对着这些难以置信的砂岩上的曲线和色彩,让人不得不叹服自然的鬼斧神工。 波浪谷当之无愧地当属这个星球上最神奇的地方之一。

  57. "Clearing Winter Storm", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Fresh snow blankets the red cliffs and canyons Zion National Park on dawn of New Year's Day of 2015.

  58. "Winter Morning Rush", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The Three Patriarchs soar over the rushing Virgin river on a pristine winter morning.

  59. "Coldest Blue", Banff National Park,Canada
    Mist rose from a lake at the Banff National Park on a bitter cold evening. The lake was not completely
    frozen because of nearby hydrothermal activities.

  60. "Frigid Glory", Banff National Park,Canada

  61. "Contact", Escalante Grand-Staircase National Monument, Utah, USA
    Under the starry sky, this groups of rock formations look like statues of Easter Island from the past,
    trying to contact with beings in the universe.

  62. "A Bloom in Desolation", Badland National Park, South Dakota, USA
    The rugged terrain of Badland National Park is alive with summer flowers everywhere.
    《沙漠黄花》, 美国南达科它州恶地国家公园
    夏日的恶地国家公园, 崎岖荒凉的沙漠里生机勃勃,鲜花盛开。

  63. "Gateway to the Underworld", Thors Well, Oregon
    Located in Cape Perpetua, Thor’s Well is a huge hole that seems to be bottomless and draining the sea,
    hence it has the nickname of "Drainpipe of the Pacific Ocean."
    《地牢之门》, 美国俄勒冈州海岸

  64. "Misty Red Forest", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
    Fresh snow magically dusted the forest of red rock hoodoos. Rare winter fog filled the canyon, creating an extremely
    unusual and mystery winter wonderland.

  65. "Island in the Clouds", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  66. "Winter Dawn", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  67. "Ten O'Clock", Arizona desert, USA

  68. "Patriarchs' New Year", Court of The Patriarchs, Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Beautiful fresh snow hung magically in the trees and dusted the Three Patriarchs, the most prominent
    and famous peaks of the Zion National Park, on the morning of New Year's Day, 2015. Snow seldom reaches
    the Zion canyon floor. When it does, snow typically stays on the ground for only a few hours before melting,
    so photographers have to anticipate the condition and work very fast in order to capture these fleeting magical
    moments. These will be the most spectacular scenery of the park that most people never get a chance to see.
    算下的话,通常几个小时就会融化。 摄影师必须提前预计天气情况,并且行动迅速,才能捕捉到这些转瞬即逝的美丽画面。

  69. "Zion Winter Sanctuary", Zion National Park, Utah, USA

  70. "Last Glory", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The iconic view of the Zion Valley during sunset on a beautiful autumn afternoon.

  71. "Dreamy Day in Autumn Woods", Oregon, USA
    《秋日的梦幻》, 美国俄勒冈州

  72. "Lake Louise Winter Sunrise", Banff National Park,Canada
    A really, really cold morning (-38C) in the Canandian Rockies after a snow storm that lasted four days.
    The snow hung magically in the trees and on the mountains, turning everywhere the eyes could see to a winter wonderland.
    My tripod would not extend because of the cold temperature. The LCD screen of my cameras stopped working.
    However, the view in front of me was unforgettable.


  73. "Freezing fog", Banff National Park,Canada
    On this extremely cold morning, steam from a nearby hot spring froze on grass leaves and shrub branches, forming beautiful hoar frost.


  74. "Winter Glory", Banff National Park,Canada


  75. "Winter Morning Surprise", Banff National Park,Canada
    We were trapped in the town of Banff for the entire week --- four days of non-stopping of snowing,
    followed by highway closure after the storm clearing. Not to mention that the weather was not cooperating.
    On the final morning, just one hour before sunrise, the sky was still clear with no single trace of cloud.
    Just as we were about to leave for the airport, clouds started to gather on top of the Mt. Rundle.
    We were treated with some nice sunrise colors over the Vermillion lakes.


  76. "Cold Steam", Banff National Park,Canada


  77. "Graceful", Banff National Park,Canada


  78. "The Legend",Fly Geyser, Nevada Desert, USA
    The glory of the spectacular dawn was a perfect match for one of the most beautiful and mystical geysers in the world.

    Created accidentally by well drilling many years ago, the Fly Geyser gradually grows to its current size and shape because
    of the deposition of minerals from the hot geothermal water. The brilliant colors of green and red are primarily due to
    thermophilic algae, which flourishes in moist, hot environments.

    Very few people are lucky enough to see this extraordinary wonder with their own eyes. Capturing her legendary beauty
    under such a splendid sky was really a once-in-a-life time experience.


  79. "Dancing in the Moonlight",Fly Geyser, Nevada Desert, USA
    Water from the renowned Fly Geyser dances under the raising Moon.

  80. "Day Dreaming", Proxy Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    Soft and warm light from the setting Sun dapples the most spectacular waterfall of Oregon, creating splendid rainbows.
    I had to navigate the slippery and dangerous rocks, falling tree trucks and cold, rapid water, while fighting the spray of water,
    in order to chase the elusive rainbows and light patterns. Moving the camera position by mere one foot and the rainbow might
    disappear. The light conditions changed minute-by-minute. Each image captured was distinct and unique.

  81. "Shangri-La", Central Cascade, Oregon, USA
    The towering South Sister peak reflects on this misty, pristine alpine lake on a crispy morning.

  82. "Alpine Lake Sunset", Sparks Lake, Oregon, USA
    Dramatic sunset over Sparks Lake,a shimmering jewel hiding in Central Cascade.

  83. "Dancing With the Stars", Fly Geyser, Nevada Desert, USA
    In the middle of night, under the velvet sky and the magnificent Galaxy, Water erupts from the top of the legendary Fly Geyser,
    like fairies dancing on the roof of an extravagant castle.

  84. "Silent Giants", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA


  85. "Fairyland", Utah, USA
    A magical moment in a faraway but enchanted land in Hopi Indian Reservation, Utah

  86. "Dragon Gate", Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah, USA
    A twisted but strangely beautiful arch in a remote corner of the vast National Monument.

  87. "Temple of Light", Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA

  88. "The Sands of Time", Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA

  89. "Sparkling Heart", Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA

  90. "The Loop", Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA
    In my opinion, among all the great national parks of American Southwest, Canyonlands National Park offers the most incredible views.
    It is a land like no other place on earth; a land full of colors, history, wonder, and mystery; a land of countless canyons, mesas,
    hoodoos, and buttes.
    To truly appreciate the grandeur of this magical place, you have to see the park from the air. You will see the Colorado River
    winds through the vast wilderness of Colorado Plateau, cutting through layered, colorful sandstone, forming incredibly shaped deep
    canyons. It will be a view you will never forget, especially from a helicopter with all doors removed!

  91. "Window To Heaven", Arches National Park, Utah, USA

  92. "Cathedral of Stars", Arches National Park, Utah, USA
    The spectacular Double Arch reminds me the magnificent arches of a Gothic cathedral.

  93. "Fanciful Sunset", Glen Canyon National Recreation Area , Utah, USA

  94. "Passing Storm", Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

  95. "Midnight Rendezvous", Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
    In the midnight, an elegant white geyser suddenly erupted under the breathtakingly beautiful velvet sky full of stars.

  96. "New Day", Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA
    The bottom of the world-famous Mesa Arch glows like molten lava from the incredibly rich reflected morning sunlight.

  97. "Splendor I", Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA
    I got up around 4am despite overcast conditions, and I was treated with the most splendid and epic sunrise I have ever seen.
    Over this bizarre and surreal landscape of Badlands, the entire sky, from east to west, was burning with intensive red colors.

  98. "Splendor II", Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA

  99. "Sleeping Dragon Under Moonlight I", Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, Utah, USA
    In this extremely remote location of southwest US desert, fantastic curves and textures of rocks glow under the moonlight.
    《沉睡的巨龙 I》,美国犹他州大阶梯-埃斯卡兰特国家纪念碑区

  100. "Day Break", Death Valley National Park, California, USA
    It was a beautiful March morning in Death Valley National Park. Racetrack Palya is a flat dry lake
    bed in a very remote location of the national park. The famous "sailing stones" or "moving rocks"
    inscribe long tracks on cracked mud. I slept in the back seat of a small Jeep Wrangler
    at a nearby back-country campground in order to capture the first ray of light.


  101. "Golden Waves", Death Valley National Park, California, USA

  102. "Mystic Cave", Valley of Fire State Park, Navada, USA
    A fantastic wind carved cave in the Valley of Fire State Park.

  103. "Golden Rush", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The rushing water of Virgin River reflects the golden colors of the surrounding high peaks
    in early morning.

  104. "Ring of Fire", Arizona, USA
    A spectacular sunset over the iconic and dramatic Horseshoe Bend. The Colorado River takes an almost 360-degree turn here.

  105. "Blue Dream", Michigan, USA
    Mist raises from a pond surrounded by gorgeous colors on a beautiful, crispy autumn morning.

  106. "The Burst", Utah, USA
    Sunrise over La Sal Mountains, Canyonlands National Park. The bottom of the world-famous Mesa Arch
    glows like molten lava from the incredibly rich reflected sunlight.

  107. "The Path of Stars", Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA
    The Magnificent Milky Way glows over the deepest and cleanest lake of USA.
    Crater Lake是火山口形成的湖泊,是美国最深的湖泊(约600米深),也是全世界最干净的湖泊。湖里的水全部来自雪水和雨水,没有
    游客全部散去,停车场上只剩我一人。 午夜寂静时分,一个人在高山之巅独自享受这样的寂静的雪山,深邃的湖泊和璀璨的星空,感

  108. "Carving Stone", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Water flows at a very high speed through this very narrow crack on red sandstone in the remote back
    country of Zion National Park.

  109. "The Wall Street", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The legendary Zion Narrows is a narrow slot canyon carved out by the Virgin River, with majestic walls sometimes
    only 20-30 feet apart and a thousand feet tall on both sides. Sunshine barely reaches the bottom of the canyon.
    Instead, warm sunlight bounces between the impossibly high red walls, creating incredibly beautiful glow. The most
    dramatic section of Narrows is known as “Wall Street”, where the sheer vertical walls soar to 1500 feet.
    Can you see two tiny hikers at the bottom of the walls?
    处女河水流淌了千万年,切割出传奇的锡安峡谷。 峡谷两边是千尺高耸峭壁,而最窄处只有十几米宽。阳光极少能照到谷底。
    这里的岩壁更高,更陡峭。 您能分辨出照片中峡谷底部两个徒步探险者吗?

  110. "The Melody Of River", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Fall is the most beautiful season inside Zion Narrows. In the silence of the majestic canyon, cold, clear water of the
    Virgin River whispers gently over the boulder-filled riverbed. Golden cottonwoods decorate the rusted steep stone walls.

  111. "A New Hope", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  112. "May Flowers", Arches National Park, Utah, USA
    On a beautiful morning of May, the elegant and delicate Tufted Evening-Primrose bloom profusely in the desert in front of the “Organ”,
    an impressive red sandstone tower, filling the air with heavenly fragrant smell.

  113. "Frozen Falls", Banff National Park,Canada
    Cold winter temperatures created spectacular frozen waterfalls inside Johnston Canyon of Banff Nation Park.


  114. "The Explorer", Arches National Park, Utah, USA
    A night time shot inside the Double Arches of Arches National Park. The arches were mostly illuminated
    by the moonlight. A flash head with color gel was used to shine the shadows of the arches.

  115. "Star Trek", Death Valley National Park, California, USA
    In the middle of night in one of the most remote areas of American West, alone in the middle of the dry lake floor,
    I enjoyed the solitude of wilderness and witnessed the magnificent starry night and the famed "sailing rocks",
    which move across the dry lake-bed mystically, leaving long trails behind them.

    Death Valley’s night skies are among some of the darkest in the United States. It is so dark, that near the horizon
    on the south, you can very clearly see the orange-hued light pollution coming Los Angles, which is 200 miles away!
    You can see even stronger light pollution come from Las Vegas, which is 120 miles away, on the east. Under the long
    exposure of modern cameras, the midnight sky is unexpectedly filled with vivid orange/red colors, and everything on
    the ground is bathed in a faint, warm glow. The experience was very surreal.
    科学家才第一次观测到它们移动的原因。 原来冬天的湖床上偶然有非常浅的积水, 在寒冷的冬夜,会结起薄冰。在白天的阳光
    照射下,冰面开始融化并破裂 。在风的吹动下,这些大面积冰块在湖面上移动,带动散落的石块滑过湖床的表面,并在泥土上