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Yiming Hu
This is a very long and informative article. It is best viewed on a large screen device.

The Ultimate Guide to
Digital Medium Format Landscape Photography and Technical Cameras

I have extensive experience using digital medium-format technical cameras for landscape photography in real world situations. I have used them in every corner of the world, from deep inside the Arctic Circle to the mountain peaks of Patagonia, and in all types of weather. I also have years of experience teaching students and friends in all aspects of digital medium-format landscape photography.

I do use 35mm systems, which are listed here. I won’t spend time discussing these systems, as there are millions of articles about them. However, resources for shooting landscape using a technical camera and a medium format digital back are scarce. Here I have compiled a guide with the gear that I am using (or have used before) and a brief discussion on the pros and cons of each. I am maintaining this page to help other photographers in their search for the best medium format digital photography equipment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

This is a really long and informative article. To make it a easier read, I break it into four sections. Click any of the four images below to read each section.


I tried my best to be unbiased. Still, the opinions and suggestions are strictly based on my own experience and my type of photography - very demanding, all-weather all-terrain wilderness photography. Also, I insist on uncompromised image quality, since I often print my work to huge sizes. As a result, the suggestions may or may not suit your unique need.

I have a very good relationship with my ALPA/Phase One dealers (this is a small and tight-knit community!) and Phase One A/S. They provide incredible professional services and sponsored some of my art exhibitions. However, all the cameras, lenses, and other accessories are my own. They are not provided or loaned by the manufacturers or dealers. The only "sponsored" products listed in this page are the FLM tripod and Kase filters. FLM sent me the tripod before it went on the market and I did provide real-world feedback and suggestions to them. I am the Global Image Ambassador of Kase Filters. I was not paid for the comments on this page, nor have I ever told these companies or dealers that I wrote these opinions. In any case, I am trying very hard to give unbiased information. The sole purpose of this page is to help other digital medium format photographers.

I regularly use every single product listed here myself for my own images, and I consider uncompromised image quality paramount. If you use the best camera body, the best digital back, and the best lenses in the world, you want to use the best filters and the best supporting systems in the world too, right?