Yiming Hu

Yiming Hu is an award-winning photographer specializing in fine art landscape photography. His photos and articles have been frequently featured on covers and insides of countless magazines, books, posters, and other publications such as Shutterbug, National Geographic Traveler China, Photographic Visions: Inspiring Images and How They Were Made, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Popular Photography China, etc. His work has been collected by organizations such as Austria Trierenberg Super Circuit, and many private collectors in US, Canada, and Asia. His images have been licensed by clients include Apple Inc. and other companies, publishers, or non-profit organizations. His website attracts millions of visitors from around the world.

All of his images are available for editorial or stock use. In addition, most of the images are available as fine art prints. He also has extensive experiences leading private or small-group photo workshops through out the US. Please feel free to contact him at huyiming@gmail.com if you have any questions about workshops, prints, image licensing, assignments, or other services.

He is a member of the 4aperture, a team of devoted nature and landscape photographers. You can also follow his work at his flickr and 500px.com pages.

胡亦鸣(网名云漫)有多重身份。 他是电子工程博士,美国大学计算机专业终身教授。但他同时又是知名的华裔专业风光摄影师和旅行达人。 他的个人网站读者人数达数百万人。他的作品广泛发表在国内外各种书刊杂志的封面和内页上, 包括《Photographic Visions: Inspiring Images and How They Were Made》, 《Shutterbug》, 《Nature Photographers Online Magazine》, 《New Mexico》,《摄影之友》,《大众摄影》,《摄影旅游》,《影像视觉》,《时尚旅游(国家地理)》,《中国国家旅游》, 《中国国家天文》, 《环球人文地理》,《旅行者》,《旅行摄影》,《影像时代》,《中国航空旅游》,《大自然》,《户外装备》,《享》等。作品被奥地利超级 巡回赛组委会等机构以及世界各地众多私人收藏, 并被苹果公司等大小商业公司,艺术和印刷品公司,和非盈利机构使用。 美国著名摄影杂志《Shutterbug》和中国的《大众摄影》都曾经专门采访他并长篇介绍他的风光摄影艺术和摄影理念。 他坚持认为风光摄影师的镜头所展示的不是客观景物本身,而是摄影师对这个场景的主观个人阐述,反映出的是摄影师自己的内心。 只要我们坚持听从自己内心的召唤而不是随波逐流,在世界任何一个角落,都可以拍摄到不一样的风景。

他也是著名的四光圈(4aperture)的成员和发起人之一。四光圈是八位顶尖华裔摄影师组成的团队,是代表当今全球风光和自然摄影的最高水准的摄影团队之一。您还可以在1X.com, flickr500px.com 看到他的作品。

他的电邮: huyiming@gmail.com 。 个人微信: yiming-hu 。 他会在他的微信公众号《云漫风光摄影》 里和大家分享他的摄影作品,拍摄心得,前后期技术,和摄影行程。请点击这里调出并扫描微信公众号二维码。