Yiming Hu

Winter Wonderlands

  1. "White Fairytale", Lofoten Islands, Norway


  2. "The Frozen Castle", Banff National Park, Canada
    A very chilly morning (-30C) at Banff National Park, Canada. It was quite challenging to shoot this image with a technical camera,
    since at such a low temperature, it was very difficult to adjust the focus ring or do any adjustment.




  3. "A Thousand Layers", Canadian Rockies,Canada


  4. "Cracking Ice Sheet", Lofoten Island, Norway.

    《冰裂》, 挪威罗佛顿群岛

  5. "Crystal Heart", Canadian Rockies, Canada.
    Delicate details of frozen lake in Canadian Rockies.

    《一片冰心》, 加拿大落基山

  6. "A White Autumn", Patagonia, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.
    An unexpected snow storm during the peak fall color season turned rugged Patagonia mountain
    scenery into a fairytale-esque landscape.

    《雪中秋色》, 巴塔哥尼亚,阿根廷冰川国家公园

  7. "Flaming Blue", Canadian Rockies, Canada.
    Sunrise over the frozen Abraham Lake. The lake surface was full of ice cracks and frozen ice bubbles.

  8. "The Calm After the Winter Storm", Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada.

    《暴风雪后的宁静》, 加拿大班芙国家公园路易斯湖

  9. "Ice Star", Canadian Rockies, Canada

  10. "Wintry Mist I", Banff National Park, Canada

    《冬湖晨雾》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  11. "Lonely Little Thing", Canadian Rockies

    《雪中独树》 ,加拿大落基山

  12. "Cold Hope", Banff National Park, Canada

    《希望之光》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  13. "Frozen Curves", Oregon, USA
    Melting snow water drips from the textured ceiling of a snow cave.

  14. "Frigid Glory", Banff National Park,Canada

  15. "Clearing Winter Storm", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Fresh snow blankets the red cliffs and canyons Zion National Park on dawn of New Year's Day of 2015.

  16. "Coldest Blue", Banff National Park,Canada
    Mist rose from a lake at the Banff National Park on a bitter cold evening. The lake was not completely
    frozen because of nearby hydrothermal activities.

  17. "Misty Red Forest", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
    Fresh snow magically dusted the forest of red rock hoodoos. Rare winter fog filled the canyon, creating an extremely
    unusual and mystery winter wonderland.

  18. "Island in the Clouds", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  19. "Winter Dawn", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  20. "Lake Louise Winter Sunrise", Banff National Park,Canada
    A really, really cold morning (-38C) in the Canandian Rockies after a snow storm that lasted four days.
    The snow hung magically in the trees and on the mountains, turning everywhere the eyes could see to a winter wonderland.
    My tripod would not extend because of the cold temperature. The LCD screen of my cameras stopped working.
    However, the view in front of me was unforgettable.


  21. "Freezing fog", Banff National Park,Canada
    On this extremely cold morning, steam from a nearby hot spring froze on grass leaves and shrub branches, forming beautiful hoar frost.


  22. "Winter Glory", Banff National Park,Canada


  23. "Winter Morning Surprise", Banff National Park,Canada
    We were trapped in the town of Banff for the entire week --- four days of non-stopping of snowing,
    followed by highway closure after the storm clearing. Not to mention that the weather was not cooperating.
    On the final morning, just one hour before sunrise, the sky was still clear with no single trace of cloud.
    Just as we were about to leave for the airport, clouds started to gather on top of the Mt. Rundle.
    We were treated with some nice sunrise colors over the Vermillion lakes.


  24. "Cold Steam", Banff National Park,Canada


  25. "Graceful", Banff National Park,Canada


  26. "Colors of Winter", Banff National Park, Canada
    The sky explored with vivid colors for less than one minute before the sunrise over
    the Vermilion Lakes and Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

  27. "-25C", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    On a bitterly cold morning, in the deep of Canadian Rockies, I was on the surface of the frozen Abraham Lake,
    waiting for the first ray of sunlight. I was surrounded by the fantastic ice cracks and bubbles.
    被四周奇妙的冰裂纹和冰冻的气泡所环绕。 眼前的山峰被瑰丽的第一缕阳光点亮,脚下冰块开裂的隆隆声不断刺激人的神经。

  28. "Blowing", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    Strong winds blows snow across the frozen Abraham Lake in Canadian Rockies.

  29. "Castle Mountain Sunrise", Banff National Park, Canada

  30. "Frozen Lake", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    In the deep winter of Canadian Rockies, the vast Abraham Lake is solidly frozen.
    The tiny little black dot in the picture was my photog buddy.

  31. "Ice Details I", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    Fantastic ice bubbles and cracks on the surface of the frozen Abraham Lake in Canadian Rockies.
    《冰气泡细节 - I》,加拿大洛矶山

  32. "Ice Details II", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    Fantastic ice bubbles and cracks on the surface of the frozen Abraham Lake in Canadian Rockies.
    《冰气泡细节 - II》,加拿大洛矶山

  33. "Frozen Rose", Canadian Rockies, Albert, Canada
    Fantastic ice bubbles and cracks on the surface of the frozen Abraham Lake in Canadian Rockies.

  34. "Cold Mountains", Banff National Park,Canada

  35. "Unafraid of Cold", Banff National Park, Canada

  36. "Blue Moon", Banff National Park, Canada.
    On an extremely cold night, mist rises from a lake in the Banff National Park.
    《冰湖月升》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  37. "Set Ice on Fire", Banff National Park, Canada

    《冰花之焰》 ,加拿大班芙国家公园

  38. "Cracking", Canadian Rockies, Canada

  39. "Kingdom of Ice Bubbles I", Canadian Rockies, Canada

  40. "Frozen Falls", Banff National Park,Canada
    Cold winter temperatures created spectacular frozen waterfalls inside Johnston Canyon of Banff Nation Park.


  41. "A New Hope", Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA

  42. "Into Cold Darkness", Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    An beautiful snow cave hidden in the Three Sisters Wilderness, never discovered by anyone before. />