Yiming Hu

Streams, Geysers, and Waterfalls

  1. "Patagonia Sky", Patagonian, Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.


  2. "The Legend",Fly Geyser, Nevada Desert, USA
    The glory of the spectacular dawn was a perfect match for one of the most beautiful and mystical geysers in the world.

    Created accidentally by well drilling many years ago, the Fly Geyser gradually grows to its current size and shape because
    of the deposition of minerals from the hot geothermal water. The brilliant colors of green and red are primarily due to
    thermophilic algae, which flourishes in moist, hot environments.

    Very few people are lucky enough to see this extraordinary wonder with their own eyes. Capturing her legendary beauty
    under such a splendid sky was really a once-in-a-life time experience.


  3. "Day Dreaming", Proxy Falls, Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon, USA
    Soft and warm light from the setting Sun dapples the most spectacular waterfall of Oregon, creating splendid rainbows.
    I had to navigate the slippery and dangerous rocks, falling tree trucks and cold, rapid water, while fighting the spray of water,
    in order to chase the elusive rainbows and light patterns. Moving the camera position by mere one foot and the rainbow might
    disappear. The light conditions changed minute-by-minute. Each image captured was distinct and unique.

  4. "Hidden Gem", Oregon, USA
    Punchbowl Falls is a real beauty hidden in the Columbia River Gorge

  5. "Moonrise", Columbia Plateau, Washington, USA

  6. "Enchanted Springs", Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA

  7. "Spring Creek", Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, USA
    流水,流水,大烟山国家公园里到处可见潺潺流水。 五月山中的清晨,空气中依然有点寒意。为了最好的构图,我站在流水中,咬紧牙关,忍受那溪水刺骨的清凉。

  8. "Cascade", Oregon, USA
    Water cascades over a lava-formed cliff in Central Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

  9. "Golden Rush", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The rushing water of Virgin River reflects the golden colors of the surrounding high peaks
    in early morning.

  10. "Winter Morning Rush", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The Three Patriarchs soar over the rushing Virgin river on a pristine winter morning.

  11. "Rush", Oregon, US
    A Stunning waterfall surrounded by lush green spring vegetation in Central Oregon.

  12. "Burning Water", Washington, USA

  13. "Sparkling Beauty", Wahkeena Falls, Oregon, USA
    Wahkeena Falls means "the most beautiful falls" in Yakama Indian.
    《Wahkeena瀑布》,美国俄勒冈州. Wahkeena在Yakama印地安语里是"最美"的意思。

  14. "Carving Stone", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Water flows at a very high speed through this very narrow crack on red sandstone in the remote back
    country of Zion National Park.

  15. "Behind the Veil of the Forest", Oregon, USA
    A lush valley full of incredible waterfalls hidden in the renowned Columbia River Gorge.

  16. "The Wall Street", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    The legendary Zion Narrows is a narrow slot canyon carved out by the Virgin River, with majestic walls sometimes
    only 20-30 feet apart and a thousand feet tall on both sides. Sunshine barely reaches the bottom of the canyon.
    Instead, warm sunlight bounces between the impossibly high red walls, creating incredibly beautiful glow. The most
    dramatic section of Narrows is known as “Wall Street”, where the sheer vertical walls soar to 1500 feet.
    Can you see two tiny hikers at the bottom of the walls?
    处女河水流淌了千万年,切割出传奇的锡安峡谷。 峡谷两边是千尺高耸峭壁,而最窄处只有十几米宽。阳光极少能照到谷底。
    这里的岩壁更高,更陡峭。 您能分辨出照片中峡谷底部两个徒步探险者吗?

  17. "The Melody Of River", Zion National Park, Utah, USA
    Fall is the most beautiful season inside Zion Narrows. In the silence of the majestic canyon, cold, clear water of the
    Virgin River whispers gently over the boulder-filled riverbed. Golden cottonwoods decorate the rusted steep stone walls.